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Wish to Simplify Your Baggage Check-in Process? Leverage Innovative Services by Avaan Excess

As you leverage air travel, you may have experienced challenges and issues like luggage weight limits and restrictions on carrying certain items. It becomes stressful when you are compelled to remove certain items to pass the weight limit.

Also, if you are carrying potentially restricted items, such as kitchen knives, liquid or gel foods, etc., it is painful to remove them because they might be among your can’t-do-without essentials. Similarly, it may also be painful for you to pay the high airport extra baggage charges.

Relax and Fly - Enjoying a Stress-Free Boarding at Airports

With excess baggage delivery services, you can enjoy stress-free travel by leaving all your luggage transportation worries. Avaan Excess is a professional courier service popular for picking up and delivering excess baggage any location in the world. Have a worry-free boarding and luggage checking process at airports, and say no to excess baggage issues

Reaching the Avaan Excess Counter at Airports

The Delhi and Jaipur airports have a dedicated Avaan kiosk that provides passengers with a pocket-friendly and hassle-free baggage pickup and delivery service. Our team will take care of the rest while you sit back and have a relaxing flight.

Baggage Details - Sharing Excess Baggage Information for a Seamless Experience

To avail of our services at the airport, share the details of your excess baggage. Then the team will conduct a baggage scanning process in your presence. Submit a few more details the representative asks for, like weight of baggage and destination address.

Security Matters - Baggage Scanning and Clearance Process at Airport

After the security clears your baggage, the team will scan your boarding pass and ask you to make the payment based on the service you have availed. Next, you will receive your booking receipt, email, and phone notifications. Additionally, you will receive delivery information  against the consignee’s name, along with the delivery date and time.

On-Time Delivery - Understanding the Commitment to Timely Baggage Transfer

Enjoy on-time delivery with our services. Enjoy your trip  while we deliver excess bags and luggage to your doorstep. You will also have the flexibility of picking your convenient delivery period, such as Surface (2-7 days) or Premium (24-72 hours).

Effortless Baggage Tracking - Staying Informed About Your Excess Baggage Journey

What’s more, our team will give you a unique docket number, using which you can track the status of your luggage. By tracking your shipment’s real-time location and status on our website, you can have a peaceful trip. Our 24X7 customer service team is always available in case of any query.

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