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The Avaan Excess kiosk is transforming travellers’ experience at major airports in India

Imagine gliding through airport formalities, your travel experience streamlined like never before – no need to wait in long queues for baggage drop, no need to worry about crossing the airline weight limit, no need to bargain about excess baggage rates, and absolutely no need to worry about wasting time and missing your flight!

 At Avaan Excess, we’re making this a reality. Our kiosks, located at the Delhi, ahmedabad, and Jaipur airports, are transforming the travel experience, offering smart, seamless logistics and personalized services right where you need them. Let’s explore how we’re taking the hassle out of your journey.

Smart Logistics Solutions

When you approach one of our kiosks, you’re not just sending off excess baggage; you’re engaging with a logistics network designed for ease and efficiency. We’ve harnessed cutting-edge technology to make sure your items are not only secure but also shipped with the utmost care. Real-time tracking gives you peace of mind, and our optimized routes ensure your belongings are transported cost-effectively. It’s our way of saying, “Relax and enjoy your flight; we’ve got this.”

Personalized Services at Key Locations

Each traveller is unique, and so are their needs. That’s why our services are tailored. Whether you’re a business traveller with critical documents or a family with extra holiday gear, our Airport kiosks provide that personal touch. Conveniently situated at pivotal airport spots, we ensure that your experience with us is as effortless as it is pleasant.

Easily Accessible

Accessibility is at the heart of our kiosk design. Our kiosks are hard to miss and easy to use! Dropping off your luggage or picking it up should be the least of your worries. We’ve streamlined the process so you can spend less time worrying about your bags and more time enjoying your travels.


We at Avaan Excess are proud to lead the charge in redefining travel experiences. Our kiosks symbolize our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. They’re not merely a point of service but a gateway to a smoother, more enjoyable journey.

Next time you’re navigating the bustle of an airport, keep an eye out for our kiosks. We’re here to ensure that your travels are less about the load and more about the exhilaration. With us, your journey starts on a light note.

 For more details, please visit our website: www.avaanexcess.com

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