Avaan Excess

1. Booking Policy

  • The shipment given by the individual / company is strictly booked on “Said to contain basis” which means Avaan has no knowledge of what is loaded inside the shipment.
  • The declaration given by the individual / company will be considered as final and no claims regarding damages of electronics / fragile / liquid items will be entertained as these are not allowed.
  • The individual / company hereby declare that the shipment covered under the docket does not include any contraband, hazardous, inflammable or prohibited articles as defined in various statures & IATA regulations.
  • Avaan shall not be liable for any kind of damages to the goods caused due to improper and defective packing of goods.
  • Avaan does not provide any compensation for any delay in delivery or delay in pickup of the shipment. No compensation will be given under such scenario.
  • The liability of Avaan for the shipments lost or damage deliveries if any is restricted to a maximum of Rs 3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only) or costs of reconstruction whichever is lower. Under no circumstances the claim of above Rs 3000 will be entertained.
  • AVAAN shall not entertain any instruments unless specially instructed by the individual / company.
  • Cancellation Policy of Avaan is as below :
    10%Charges before pickup
    30% Charges at the time of pick up
    No Cancellation after pick up is done
  • No claim shall be entertained by AVAAN for any loss, shortage, damage, non-delivery, breakage, leakage, pilferage etc. for the shipment unless a written claim is lodged within 48 hours from the date of delivery subject to remarks on the Proof of Delivery (POD).
  • In the event of any discrepancy found by Avaan in the weight / size / quantity booked by the individual / company and the actual weight / size / quantity of that shipment, the differential charges shall be made payable by the individual / company.
  • If the individual / company wants the bag to be returned, then under no circumstances any booking amount will be refunded and the return booking charges will be further applicable to the individual / company.