Avaan Excess


1. What is Door-to-Door Service?

Door to Door service is a pickup and drop service wherein we will pick up your luggage from your doorstep and deliver it to your destination doorstep.

2. Which cities are the services available?

The Door-to-Door Service is available across any location within India.

3. Are there any restrictions on the weights booked?

Yes, You can use only one bag for each weight category that you select. For example, in case you select the 30kgs option, you are allowed to use only 1 bag weighing up to 30kgs (and not 2 bags with a cumulative weight of 30 kgs).

Following is maximum (linear) bag size permitted for each weight category:

10 Kgs: 32 Inches (L+ W+ H)
15 Kgs: 44 Inches (L+ W+ H)
20 Kgs: 48 Inches (L+ W+ H)
30 Kgs: 56 Inches (L+ W+ H)
40 Kgs: 62 Inches (L+ W+ H)(Max Actual weight 30kgs. Max volumetric weight 40kgs)

*Please note if there is a difference in the weight / size booked it will be charged extra once the weighing is done after the pickup.

4. What are the Pickup timings?

Pickups are done between 2-6 pm on the scheduled pick up date.

5. Do you provide packaging services?

We do not provide any packaging services, therefore we request you to ensure the baggage is handed over to us with adequate packaging and a secure seal.

6. Can I cancel this service post booking and get a refund?

In case you wish to cancel your shipment for any reason, you can contact Avaan customer service at 08069405400 or [email protected] with your Avaan Booking ID. Please note that a cancellation penalty of 10% will apply in case the order is cancelled before pickup, and 30% will apply in case the order is cancelled at the time of pickup. Post pickup, the service will be deemed non-cancellable and non-refundable.

For baggages dropped directly at the airport kiosk the booking is non cancellable and no refunds will be provided.

7. What happens in case my luggage is lost?

A compensation of maximum Rs 3,000 will be offered in case your baggage is lost. You can contact Avaan team directly for the compensation request.
For baggages dropped directly at the airport kiosk the booking is non cancellable and no refunds will be provided.

8. What are the delivery timelines?

a) By Road within 4-7 Working days.For ESS locations delivery could be 1-2 days delayed.
b) By Air within 48-72 Working hours

9. What if my bag is damaged?

If your shipment is received in a damaged state, it’s crucial to note this on the docket copy during delivery to initiate a claim. This is mandatory for initiating any claim related to the damaged shipment.

Additionally, you would need to email pictures and videos of the damage to [email protected] within 24 hours post-delivery; failure to do so may result in the inability to claim compensation. Once we receive the same, we shall investigate the matter and get back to you.

Claims for leakage, missing items, damage, or breakage within the shipment, including minor exterior damages to baggage (such as scratches, stains, soling, and dents) will not be entertained. Water damage to non-waterproof baggage is also excluded from compensation.

Kindly note that the reimbursement amount will not exceed Rs 3000 under any circumstances. A full compensation of Rs 3000 will only be applicable in the case of complete loss of the baggage.

We therefore advise comprehensive packaging and a secure seal for your baggage. For additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at 08069405400.

10. How can I contact Avaan if I need more assistance?

For any assistance, you may reach out to us at 08069405400 or [email protected].

11. What kind of materials cannot be shipped through Avaan Excess

Imitations jewellery ,Dangerous good ,Filled cylinders ,Hazardous material & Liquid Material ,Fragile material