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Understanding the factors influencing courier rates

Traveling soon? Looking to ship your excess baggage ahead of time? Baggage courier services can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding their price point. Rates vary depending on multiple factors, and grasping all of them can be difficult. In this blog, we will talk about the main factors that influence cost so that your next baggage courier experience is hassle-free.

Shipment Distance: Local prices are cheaper than long-distance and international shipments

The distance your shipment needs to travel plays a significant role in determining courier rates. Local deliveries generally cost less compared to long-distance or international shipments. International shipping involves additional processes like customs clearance, which add to the cost.

Avaan Excess offers competitive rates and transparent pricing for both domestic and international deliveries, starting at less than 99/kg, ensuring a transparent understanding of costs with no hidden surprises.

Package Size and Weight: Correlation Between Package Dimensions, Weight, and Courier Pricing

Size and weight are crucial in courier service pricing. Heavier and larger packages require more resources to transport, leading to higher costs. Avaan Excess simplifies this by offering a pricing model that is based solely on weight, ensuring fair and straightforward charges. This model allows you to estimate your shipping costs easily, providing a hassle-free experience in managing shipments, regardless of their size or weight.

Delivery Speed and Service Level: Delivery Speed and the Level of Service

The urgency of delivery is another factor influencing courier rates. Services like expedited shipping incur higher charges due to the speed and resources required.

With Avaan Excess, you will see multiple options to choose from in this regard, right from the mode of transportation (in case of domestic deliveries) to the time required for transportation. This flexibility enables customers to choose a service that balances their urgency and budget, ensuring their needs are met without overpaying for services that they don’t need.

Convenience: Door-to-door pickup and drop

While some courier services charge extra for door-to-door pickup and delivery, Avaan Excess maintains standard pricing by weight. This eliminates the probability of hidden pricing, surcharges, and other hassles. Transparency in pricing and safety in delivery is the top priority.

Besides this, you can also check Avaan Excess airport kiosks at select airports in India and drop your baggage there for safe and economical transportation.


Understanding the various factors influencing courier rates is key to making informed decisions about your shipping needs. Whether you’re shipping locally, nationally, or internationally, Avaan Excess offers a solution that aligns with your requirements, budget, and expectations, making it an excellent choice for your courier needs.

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