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Ship your baggage to your dream destination wedding seamlessly with Avaan Excess

Celebrating the most special day of your life and embarking on your “happily ever after” in a breathtaking destination is THE dream, isn’t it?

 However, making this beautiful dream come true can be slightly stressful due to logistical challenges, mainly managing the transport of baggage and valuables to the preferred destination.

 In selecting a shipping service for such a significant event, reliability and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Avaan Excess excels in these areas. Our services are designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, with a transparent pricing structure. The standout feature? Live-tracking – offering you peace of mind as you can monitor the journey of your baggage in real-time, ensuring that everything arrives safely and on time.

 If this isn’t enough, here are more reasons to choose excess baggage delivery services:

The Convenience of Shipping Your Excess Baggage

With our door-to-door excess baggage delivery service, your wedding attire, gifts, and other necessities are picked up from your doorstep and delivered to your wedding venue. This not only simplifies your travel but also allows you to enjoy your journey without the usual stress of handling excess baggage

Avoiding Wedding Wardrobe Mishaps

Your wedding attire is special, and handling it with care is essential. Shipping it ahead with Avaan Excess can prevent last-minute mishaps such as misplacement and delays. Our team ensures your attire is handled with the utmost care, arriving in pristine condition ready for you to glow on your big day.

We keep our promise of timely delivery

Avaan Excess prides itself on reliability. Our customers often share their positive experiences, highlighting our punctual and careful handling of their precious cargo. The live-tracking feature adds an extra layer of reassurance, as you can see your luggage’s progress and plan accordingly.

Global Delivery for Your Dream Destination

Whether you plan to tie the knot in Goa or Maldives, you can rely on Avaan Excess to deliver. Our services expand to 25000+ pin codes in India and 190+ countries worldwide. So, wherever you plan to celebrate the new chapter of your life, your baggage will reach there safely.


Pack strategically for your Destination Wedding

Packing for a destination wedding can be daunting and overwhelming. The key is to pack strategically. Essentials that you need immediately should travel with you, while items such as extra outfits, decorations, and gifts can be entrusted to Avaan Excess a few days before the ceremonies begin. By shipping these items in advance, you’re not only making your travel easier but also ensuring that everything you need is waiting for you upon arrival.


Your wedding should be about your love story, not about the stress of handling excess baggage. Avaan Excess offers the perfect solution for your destination wedding travel needs.

 Our commitment to your satisfaction, combined with our efficient service, ensures that your focus remains on what truly matters – celebrating your special day. Let Avaan Excess take the load off your shoulders because when it comes to your wedding, every detail counts.

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