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Use web check-in and pre-baggage booking for a better flying experience in 2023

There are two kinds of travellers: Those who stress out for days leading up to the journey and those who enjoy every moment before, during, and after the journey. The latter likely use advanced features such as web check-in and pre-baggage booking for a seamless flying experience.

 Flying is not just time-consuming but also quite stressful because of the long queues and stringent security checks. Baggage allowance restrictions further add to the hassle and taint the otherwise beautiful experience. However, thanks to technological breakthroughs, you no longer have to worry about these factors. We are talking specifically about web check-in and pre-baggage booking.

Web check-in

Web check-in is a simple and convenient way to check in for your flight. Using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can check in for your flight, select your seat, and even print your boarding pass at home. This means that you can avoid the long check-in queues at the airport, saving valuable time. Many airlines allow you to check in online up to 24 hours before your flight.

 Web check-in was made compulsory during the pandemic. Even though the rules are not so stringent anymore, we advise you to continue availing this facility to save time and effort.

Pre-Baggage Booking

Pre-baggage booking is another way to make your flying experience more manageable. With the pre-baggage booking, you can pay for and reserve your baggage ahead of time, enabling you to skip the baggage drop counter and head straight to security. While airlines allow pre-booked baggage, the extra baggage charges are usually high. At Avaan Excess, we offer baggage transport services starting at just INR 1800.


By utilising services such as pre-baggage booking and web check-in, you can focus on what really matters – the trip! It is the best way to make the whole journey more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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