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Jet-set with no regret – Essential checklist for an exciting travel experience

A bruised passport always has a happy owner!

The thrill of travel is unmatched – no matter what the destination may be. But before you start making a list of all the yummy foods to try at the destination, you must ensure that everything you need to make it an unforgettable (in a good way) trip is in place.

Especially if you are a first-time traveller, you will be overwhelmed by the number of things to keep in mind. That is why we have simplified it all for you with a comprehensive checklist. Read on!

Don’t let the docu-saur ruin your plans – Get all the crucial documents in a folder

  •   A valid passport (make sure you check the required validity)
  •   Visa and related documentation
  •   Travel insurance
  •   Identity proof
  •   Vaccine certifications  
  • Hotel and flight bookings
These documents are important for every international trip you make, but this isn’t all. Depending on your destination, you may need additional paperwork as well. Jotting the necessities down, thus, will save you from a world of pain at the airport and upon landing. Pro tip: Arrange the documents based on when you will need them so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them when the time comes. ·   

Research the destination - Dive into the details beforehand!

Imagine arriving at your destination without a clue about the local customs, attractions, or hidden gems. That’s like going on a blind date without knowing anything about your potential partner. Let’s work to avoid awkwardness and trouble by researching beforehand.

  •   Are there specific entry requirements?
  •   Do you need any specific vaccinations?
  •   Are there restrictions on certain food items and medications? (Do you know chewing gum is banned in Singapore?)
  •   What are the traditions they follow?
  •   Find out common things that are considered impolite (Handing money directly to a shopkeeper is rude in Japan)
  • Pack according to local culture and customs

Manage your travel arrangements

Booking flights, accommodations, and transportation can feel like a juggling act. These tips should help you out:

  •   Confirm accommodation and flights
  •   Book transportation to and from the airport
  •   Book famous tourist spots and hangouts online
  •   Download necessary travel apps
  • Create a folder in your drive and store all required assets there for easy access. Make sure you have a copy of each on your phone as well (offline)


Stay connected. Stay safe.

The world’s your oyster, but only if you stay connected! If you lose Internet access and mobile services in an unknown place, the world will suddenly become lonely. So, prioritise it and ensure that you stay safe.

  •   Buy a local SIM
  •   Buy a pocket Wi-Fi or a SIM with unlimited data
  •   Inform your family about your whereabouts
  •   Don’t travel with too many valuables


Skip the baggage carousel – Drop off excess baggage before you take off

No, no, we won’t ask you to travel light. Where’s the fun in travelling when you have to compromise on what you carry with you?

Wow, we can almost hear you say, “ WHAT ABOUT BAGGAGE RESTRICTIONS?”

Yes, all airlines have restrictions, and excess baggage fee is usually astronomical. Also, there’s absolutely no fun in checking check-in baggage weight and embarrassing yourself at the airport.

So, what’s the solution? It’s Avaan Excess!

Our door-to-door excess baggage delivery service will ensure that you travel light without actually travelling light! Plus, the convenience is out of the world at a fraction of the airline baggage price! Dream come true, isn’t it?


Nothing must come in the way of travels – not even your own baggage! Once you have your travel checklist and documentation in place, get packing! Pack until your heart is full because Avaan Excess will take care of the excess baggage with no stress and no problems. For more details, please get in touch with us. We are available 24/7. Please call 0 8069405400 or visit our website: avaanexcess.com

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