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Stop Having Luggage Trouble at the Airport - Right Now!

Stop Having Luggage Trouble at the Airport – Right Now!

Ever wanted to have your luggage delivered from one place to another but reconsidered after seeing the startlingly high delivery rates? We’ve all been there and ended up having to make a compromise with ourselves by unpacking some of the items.

Well, not anymore!

We, at Avaan Excess, help deliver your luggage to your destination doorstep. We offer delivery across India and around the world at unbeatable prices and reliability. Our domestic rates start from just ₹90/kg and international rates from just ₹400/kg. Our customer care department is at your service throughout the day and you can also track your shipment online with the help of a tracking number code. This number is assigned to you at the time of luggage pickup.

Want to get started?

Simply head to our website and book a pickup slot for your luggage. Alternatively, we also offer airport-to-home luggage delivery where you can drop off luggage at our kiosks in Jaipur, Lucknow or Delhi airports. Depending on your destination and preferred mode of shipment, we’ll have your luggage delivered successfully between 24 working hours to 7 working days!

Are you ready to experience ease of luggage delivery like never before?

Book with us today and experience economical baggage charges for domestic flights in India like never before!

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