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Travel with Ease - We'll Make Sure you don't have Excess Weight on Your Shoulders.

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Luggage Delivery Needs

If you have travelled with excess luggage, you know the trouble of paying a hefty fee to the airlines to check in your luggage. Indian and international flights charge extra if your baggage  weighs more than the weight  allowed per passenger to be carried in your domestic/international flight. Airlines have to offset the fuel cost, so you can think of the “excess baggage fee” as one of their many ways to do that. 

This excess baggage fee is too expensive for someone who is carrying a large volume of luggage, and they are travelling either alone or with 1-2 members. Each Indian passenger (domestic traveller) can carry up to 15 kgs per passenger and 10 kgs per infant for economy class. There is a fine if your luggage exceeds this limit — 600 INR per kg (for those travelling within India). This means you’ll easily spend INR 6,000 if your luggage is 25 kg and you are travelling in economy. 

So, does that mean the only way to get your luggage to your desired destination is by paying the penalty? Fortunately, there is an alternative. It is also much cheaper than 600 INR per kg. You can opt for our door-to-door delivery services to have your luggage delivered at your destination doorstep. We are a one-stop solution for delivering excess baggage. 

Keep reading to learn more about our service and how we deliver your luggage to the destination at a reasonable rate.

Door-to-door Luggage Delivery Service: Here’s How it Helps

It’s obvious that when you go on a vacation, you have fewer bags than when you return from your trip (especially after a long stay in an international country). Your luggage might weigh 10-20 kg more than what you carried from your home country.  Maybe, you will have a couple of extra bags filled with gifts and souvenirs from your trip. Every tourist takes home more items than they bring and end up paying a ridiculously high fee at the airport. But you don’t have to pay so much when there’s a cheaper way to getyour excess luggage picked up from your home and delivered at your destination’s doorstep.

We are a door-to-door excess luggage delivery provider. We pick up your baggage from the point of your choice or allow you to drop your luggage off at our airport kiosk, knowing that your luggage will reach your destination safely. So, if your luggage weight has increased for any reason, there’s nothing to worry about. We will take care of your luggage. We will deliver it to your doorstep at rates starting from ₹90/kg. 


Versatile Services

You can choose to get delivery by air (which delivers your luggage within 24-72 hours) or by road (which may take 4-7 business days). Either way, you will see a big difference between the luggage fee charged by the airlines and the fee charged by us. 

We deliver across more than 20,000+ PIN codes in India within the given timeframe and at the best price. You can always track the status of your luggage online. This gives you peace of mind and lets you know how long it will take us to deliver your bags.

We currently have kiosks at the Jaipur, Delhi, and Lucknow airports, and our delivery services are available all over India. Enjoy hands-free travel while we take care of your excess baggage.. The best part is that we manage the entire process seamlessly. We have a counter at Terminal 3 at Delhi Airport. You could also choose to have your baggage picked up from your home/hotel.

We also offer international baggage delivery services for passengers wanting delivery outside India. . The process is similar. You have to either drop off the baggage at our Kiosks available at Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow or  book our service online.

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