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Complete cabin luggage Guide: Everything you may and cannot bring on a plane

Ah, the woes of travellers and their cabin luggage!

To begin with, there’s always the fear that you are packing too much. What if you are charged extra? Then, there’s the worry that you are carrying items that are not allowed on a plane. That is another headache because you will be asked to throw it away before boarding.

You can avoid all this and simply focus on the exciting parts of travel by learning about the restrictions and rules. We have consolidated them here for you:

Items that you can bring on a Plane

You are allowed to bring essential items such as medications, baby formula, and breast milk. You can also bring electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones, as well as travel documents like your passport and boarding pass.

Items that are not Allowed

Items that are strictly prohibited include sharp objects such as knives and scissors, as well as flammable items like lighters and aerosol cans. You are also not allowed to bring liquids, gels, and pastes that weigh more than 100ml in your cabin luggage. Most airlines, however, allow them in checked baggage.

You are also allowed to bring a limited amount of duty-free items as long as they are properly sealed and presented to security for inspection.

If there are items on this list that you absolutely have to carry or if you think you may exceed the weight limit, we advise you to choose Avaan Excess for baggage delivery. We offer domestic as well as international luggage delivery services at affordable rates, allowing you to travel anywhere around the world with peace in your mind and happiness in your heart!


Packing your cabin luggage can be a challenging task, but following these guidelines can help make the process a little easier. Also, please be mindful that these rules may vary depending on the airline and the country you are traveling to. Speaking to the airline executives before you pack your cabin luggage will help you ensure that you are not bringing any prohibited items. Happy travels!

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