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Why is Avaan Excess the best door-to-door delivery service provider for you?

In recent years, there has been a rising popularity of door-to-door delivery services, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. People had to get their groceries, food, and daily essentials delivered to their doorstep to maintain social distancing protocols as advised by the government.

The global courier service market is projected to hit a whopping $326.32 billion by 2025. A door to door parcel service, also known as a house-to-house courier service, is a shipping arrangement in which the courier service provider picks up the item from the seller and directly delivers it to the customer’s location.

One such reputable courier service is Avaan Excess, which has created a mark in the courier service market. It is an affordable door-to-door delivery solution for all your excess baggage problems and logisticneeds. The following paragraphs will discuss why Avaan Excess is the best solution for all your logistics and order fulfilment requirements.

Multiple Delivery Partners

Avaan Excess ensures efficient and smooth delivery services. While creating a pickup request, you can choose your desired mode of transfer of your package, such as via Surface or Air, depending on your urgency.

Wide Reach Domestic & International Both

An ideal door-to-door courier services provider will have a wide market reach, both locally and internationally. Avaan Excess is one such solution that delivers your baggage safely at domestic and international locations.

You can enjoy a convenient and leisurely trip to your favourite destination by simply dropping off your excess bags at the airport kiosks at major airports, such as the Indira Gandhi International Airport and Jaipur Airport. This way, you can skip the long queues at the baggage counters and get your excess packages delivered to your preferred destination, allowing you to enjoy your long vacation days without hassle.

Single Platform for Handling Fulfillment

Some reputable door-to-door shipping services, like Avaan Excess, ensure that all your shipment handling and order fulfilment solutions are managed under one roof. It is a one-stop platform for all your delivery needs, from pickup to delivery.

You don’t need to worry about any step, after the parcel receives a particular location midway. So, Avaan Excess saves your time and effort by taking full responsibility for fulfilling your orders from pickup to delivery at the receiver’s address.

Dedicated Account Managers

Avaan Excess houses an efficient team of account managers who will help you track your delivery status. Account managers will ensure the timely delivery of your baggage while taking care of your unique demands and requirements. Besides, the customer support team will also provide you with a tracking ID, using which you can stay updated regarding every stage of the shipment journey.

Undeliverable Order Management Made Simple

Avaan Excess is a smart and innovative door-to-door delivery service provider that takes care of whether each baggage and parcel is delivered to its respective locations safely. However, at times, courier services may face challenges, such as undelivered orders due to the unavailability of the receiver or similar other issues.

In such cases, the efficient courier service team will make multiple attempts to deliver the parcel. And even after such efforts, if the baggage is undelivered, it is returned safely to the original sender. Throughout the shipment journey, the sender will be notified and informed.


Avaan Excess is an affordable and innovative courier company that delivers the goods right at your doorstep.. It is known for handling your excess baggage deliveries safely, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant vacation. The best part is that Avaan Excess is pocket-friendly and offers a 24×7 tracking facility to keep you updated at every stage of the shipment procedure.

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