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Excess baggage charges and policy for domestic airlines in India in 2023

We are back in the air! 2023 has marked a new rise in travel, with the pandemic hopefully behind us once and for all. 

Air travel is busier than ever in 2023, with everyone restarting their travel adventures. This is why now’s a good time to learn about the policies for domestic baggage allowance.

Excess Baggage Charges

Excess baggage charges refer to the fees imposed by airlines for carrying baggage over and above the free baggage allowance. The class of travel, route, and airline usually determine the free baggage allowance. Domestic airlines in India have different excess baggage charges, ranging from INR 100 to INR 500 per kilogram.

Excess baggage policy

The excess baggage policy is meant to encourage passengers to pack light and within the free domestic baggage allowance. The policy also helps the airlines to keep their operational costs low and make air travel affordable.

 Most airlines in India allow a maximum of 15 to 20 kilograms of baggage per passenger in economy class, while passengers travelling in higher classes may get additional baggage allowance. It is advisable to check the airline’s baggage policy before booking your flight to avoid paying excess baggage charges at the airport.

Tips to Avoid Excess Baggage Charges

Plan your packing

It is essential to plan your packing before your flight to avoid overloading your baggage.

Weigh your baggage: It is a good idea to weigh your baggage before leaving for the airport to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Utilise cabin baggage allowance

Most airlines allow passengers to carry a certain amount of cabin baggage. Utilise this allowance to carry your essentials, and you can avoid paying excess baggage charges.

Pre-book excess baggage

Some airlines offer the option to pre-book excess baggage at a lower rate compared to what is charged at the airport. You can also take advantage of Avaan Excess. Our door-to-door baggage delivery services are not just highly reliable but also easily affordable. We deliver within 24-48 hours in all major cities by air and offer 24/7 customer support.


Being aware of domestic baggage allowance, excess baggage charges, and policies will enable you to travel without hassle. Pre-planning and booking excess baggage delivery services will further make your travel peaceful and stress-free, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise or leave important items behind. For more details, please visit our website.

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